Which Vitamins Are Best For Bodybuilders?

Many people know that they need vitamins, but they’re not sure which vitamins, or what those vitamins even do. Most vitamins can be found in food, but sometimes supplements are necessary to ensure your body gets everything it needs to stay healthy. If you’re a bodybuilder, you need to pay special attention to what you’re putting in your body. The muscles you are working so hard to build depend on the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. If you haven’t educated yourself on the benefits and advantages of vitamins, make sure you take the time to learn which ones are best. The right vitamins will set you up for success.

Vitamins: What They Are and Why They’re Necessary

Vitamins are basically organic compounds that your body needs to grow and maintain its functions. You only need small quantities of most vitamins in your food and your supplements because the body cannot process large amounts of these compounds.

Vitamins perform a number of functions in the body. They keep your bones strong – which is obviously something that bodybuilders and athletes require. When you’re building a lot of new muscle, you need to be sure your bones can support the extra mass. If your bones aren’t strong, you are at an increased risk of injury. These compounds also help wounds heal, which is good news if you’re getting over something like a cut or an abrasion. They can improve cellular function, ensuring that your cells are doing what they need to do to create and protect muscle tissue.

You also need vitamins to help your immune system function. When you’re trying to achieve the best physical form, you cannot afford to miss your workouts for two weeks because of illness. A strong immune system will keep you energized and ensure your endurance levels never falter. You’ll also be better protected against the flu, the common cold, and other minor and serious illnesses.

There’s also a role for vitamins when it comes to converting food into energy. This is critical if you’re bulking or cutting. You need that energy that comes from calories to keep yourself building and maintaining muscle. Without the right mix of vitamins, everything you eat can be stored as fat. That’s not the best use of your caloric intake.

Best Bodybuilding Vitamins: Vitamin C

Vitamin C makes a big difference in your muscles. One of its main functions is to produce collagen, which is a connective tissue. Collagen repairs blood vessels and tendons, which can often be bruised or damaged in the course of an especially fierce workout. This vitamin also does an excellent job of flushing lactic acid out of your muscles. Lactic acid is what can contribute to muscle soreness and occasional weakness. Vitamin C is also universally used to stay healthy. Eat your citrus fruit, your tomatoes, and your kiwi.

Best Bodybuilding Vitamins: Vitamin D

Vitamin D will not only help you get and stay stronger, it will also contribute to better posture by shoring up the strength in your bones. With enough vitamin D, you’re less likely to have brittle, broken bones that are prone to fractures and tears. People who develop osteoporosis are often found to be vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D also helps your mood. This may seem inconsequential, but a motivated bodybuilder is a successful bodybuilder. Your mental health
is just as important as your physical health, especially when you’re
setting and reaching goals. One of the best sources of vitamin D is sunlight, so get outdoors as much as you can. Take a jog or a walk. Go to the beach or the park. If you want to eat some vitamin D, try eggs, milk, tuna, and foods with calcium.

Best Bodybuilding Vitamins: Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the best vitamins for muscle strength and bodybuilding because it helps your body metabolize protein and fat. You can use this vitamin to harness more energy from the foods you eat, and use those nutrients to build better muscle mass. When you’re training with weights, you need amino acids to increase your muscle size and strength. Metabolized proteins deliver those amino acids to your muscles. The metabolizing of fat also ensures that the fat isn’t stored, leading you to gain the wrong kind of weight.

What About the Minerals?

You often hear vitamins and minerals being used together when discussing nutrients and their positive impact on your body. Minerals work with the vitamins to keep everything working. As a bodybuilder, the best minerals for you are calcium and iron. Combined with the vitamins listed above, they put your body in an excellent position to grow and strengthen.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re a bodybuilder putting together a solid nutritional plan. Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming because of all the competing priorities. You know you want proteins, high fibers, and healthy fats. You know fruits and vegetables are essential sources of vitamins and minerals. Keep educating yourself, and you’ll grow more and more comfortable identifying what you need. Your diet is a major part of your muscle growth plans.